List of targetted conferences and workshops

  • AAAI: National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine conference
  • Bayesian methods in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics: final registration
  • ISCB: The International Society for Clinical Biostatistics, annual
  • PSI: Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry Conference, annual
  • DIA: The Drug Information Association EuroMeeting, annual
  • UAI: Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, annual
  • CFIS: International Conference on Forensic Inference and Statistics, held every 3 years, next one 2014 in the Netherlands
  • ICAIL: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, biennial
  • FORSTAT (Forensic Science and Statistics) workshops, annual
  • PGM: Probabilstic Graphical Models, annual
  • FSS: Forensic Science Society Conference, biannual
  • IJCAI: the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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